A Minnie Munchable

I just love coming up with new recipes and takes on my old faves. Pizza has been a challenge for me as yes, I do love it, but I am also now keenly aware of what goes on it and how much a portion really is.

So I challenged myself and came up with the following…and it is yumminess. And it’s fairly low in points too depending on how you make it.



Now you’ll have to shop around for a decent pointed pita, but it can be done. I honestly take my calculator with me to the store and check them out. Obviously whole wheat is best for points, but I need white for my stomach. Pizza sauce is low in points, but even lower is crushed tomatoes (you can add spices to it) if you’re short. Now for cheese, depending on your availability you can either take a slice of processed fat free cheese (which I did in the pic) and break it up and spread it around, or grate up some cheese and use that. Top with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, pineapple, whatever you want! Pop it in the toaster oven and voila! Yumminess!


Minnie’s Race Report (Belated, whoops!)

It was a cold and blustery day….actually, it was, but that’s ok, the Minnie’s are tough and planned ahead. Amy and Jackie both studied the weather reports and layers were the chosen strategy for the Sporting Life 10k for Camp Oochigeas!

We got there early and were we ever glad we did, wow, it was a long bus ride to the start but we thoroughly enjoyed staying warm as long as possible too.  Amy was decidedly nervous and while on the bus the Minnie’s discussed timing goals and strategies. We are such a great team! We decided on 1 hour 25 minutes as the goal.

After a couple pit stops  (Amy’s nervous bladder LOL) we made our way to our corral…we were at the back with the rest of the walkers…and tried to place ourselves in the crowd for a good start.

We had dressed in our ‘Minnie Best’ for the occasion and it was noticed and appreciated as there were indeed a lot of great cheers along the way from people.


We edged forward with the rest of the 27000 participants and sooner than we expected we could see the arch that was the start.


As is Minnie tradition we crossed the line at the exact same time and we were off! It really was cold, seriously, we both had mitts on plus our warm headbands, long sleeves, the whole nine yards. We knew we’d warm up but I  got a little bit eager to make that happen and thankfully Jackie pulled me back so I wouldn’t wear out by the 6th kilometer. She was right and it definitely helped…though our pace was still stellar.

It was a wonderfully festive atmosphere with live music at each kilometer, people cheering each other on and of course, we both had rockin’ playlists on our phones too.

We both had planned ahead and Jackie had her gels while I had my candy stash in my pockets and we both took advantage of the water stations at kilometer 7. I know I was feeling great until we turned and were right into the wind again…we really had to push to keep our pace up and it was a challenge, but we did it!

As we turned the final two corners we got super-excited when we saw the finish line. Of course there were photographers so we managed to pose and not lose pace, and then, again as is tradition, we stepped over the sensor together for our identical times.

Again our goal was 1 hr 25 mins. We did it in…wait for it…it’s pretty awesome…1 hour…23 minutes…40 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We could not be happier about it and are likely going to use this time to submit to RunDisney for the Princess Half next year…unless of course we have another rockin’ race in the interim…which we might…but at least we have this now so we both have a sense of relief about it.

This race was a special one because it went to help Camp Oochigeas for Kids with Cancer. An old friend of Amy’s from school’s daughter has recently gone through surgery and chemo for cancer and so the Minnie’s dedicated this race to her.

Keep Kickin’ Cancer in the Freakin’ Butt Princess Ayverie! Minnie-on! 🙂



Amy’s Belated Weekly & Minnie Down!

A belated post, but it’s been a hectic week for this Minnie for sure.

We had a our first race of the season last Sunday, report to come, but as a preview, we rocked it!

I went in for my weekly weigh-in on Tuesday night and I admit it, I was a little worried since I had indeed carb-loaded before the race, but I did count and track all of it, but still.

I was up, but only 0.2 so it’s ok, I take that as ‘maintained’. I didn’t get in as much activity either as I was taking it easy so I didn’t pull anything before the race but more on that in a second.

My conclusion from the weigh-in: I need more water, hydrating is a problem at the moment and I really need to focus on it, and I need to keep moving. I also need to adjust how many flex points I’m using according to my level of activity which is a fine balance let me tell you.

Now, onto the fitness part of this post. I was careful all of last week leading up to the race and I admit it, I was definitely sore afterwards, but I didn’t realize a minor ‘pop’ in my knee a couple of nights later was more than it seemed until two days ago when I tried to go for a walk.


I definitely did something stupid and when I managed to hobble home (laughingly even injured my pace was 6.7km/h) I immediately iced it and called my chiropractor and friend.

She fixed me up and has told me to take it easy for the weekend, and I will, but this Minnie sure hates being down…send healing thoughts…and make sure you don’t do the same thing I did.

Happy long-weekend all!


T’was the Night Before Race Day …

… and all through the house, the Skinnie Minnie’s were stirring and planning their route. The Lulu’s were folded all nice on the bed in anticipation of the early morning that lay ahead. The Minnie’s were nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of start lines that danced in their heads.

So yes, it is the night before the first big race of the 2013 season! Nerves are settled for the time being, but they will surface as soon as I get into my corral in the morning. I have my outfit ready, the nails are painting to match my Sparkle Minnie Mouse running skirt and my running watch is charged up and ready to go! I have had a good day today, I went to weight in at my Saturday morning Weight Watcher’s meeting… even rode my bike there… and was down by .3lbs. It is a long journey I’m on, but I am determined to hit lifetime!!

Tomorrow my goal is to finish between 1hr 20mins and 1hr 25mins. I will be pushing hard to get the best time possible as this is the time that I will most likely be using for the Princess Half in Feb 2014 to determine my starting corral!!

On this note, to have a successful race tomorrow, I need to start getting settled into bed as it will be a very early morning!!! To all who are racing tomorrow morning, have a wonderful race and to all those celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, enjoy your day!!! I will be spending mine out on the race course for the first part of the day!

-Minnie Jackie

Amy’s Weekly Update May 8th Edition

It’s Wednesday so we know what that means! Weigh-in day was last night!

People may ask why at Lifetime I continue to weigh-in weekly, but for me it is my weekly check and also my way to re-charge for the next week. I find this essential to my continued success with the program…plus I love seeing my fellow Weight Watchers and hearing how their weeks have gone.

Last week was a challenge for me and overall, I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I did shorter walks but I did more of them…the weather was utterly divine, it was not to be passed up on. I wound up earning my most activity points ever at 49. Wow! I am so proud of that you have no idea. But that left me with a dilemma, how much extra to eat in order to maintain a balance. So I ate all of my Flex points too.

Frustratingly (a bit), I was up 1.1lbs, but I am having a challenging time with hydration at the moment so I’m finessing that and figure I was retaining a bit of water…and the oh-so-yummy and sadly salty Tostitos I had on Sunday may have been a factor too. Happily though they weren’t as high in points as I feared, actually, they’re pretty good. I am so not avoiding them anymore…but I will watch how many I consume.

This week I’m definitely planning more as I know this is race week. I have pre-planned out when I’m going to walk this week and factor in that I need rest days so I can rehydrate and also so I can not injure or overwork anything. I so want to have a good time on Sunday and I know I’m going to be challenged keeping up with Minnie Jackie as once the race starts, she flies (despite what she thinks 😉 ).

In summary: Up 1.1 lbs, earned more than enough activity points and need to work on hydration strategies. All positives in my eyes.

Minnie On!

P.S. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as Amy will be tweeting live from the race on Sunday. We’re: @MinnieJournie

Race Week!

That’s right, it’s race week, the first one of the season for us along with Laural and we are beyond excited.

How do we plan for weeks such as this you ask?

Well it starts with a flurry of hyper funny emails, a back and forth of confirmations and planning for transportation coordination and of course, which days and how many km’s to make our workouts this week.

And we’re just a tad bit excited to debut our Minnie-outfits too ;).

Food Friday!!

Whew! What a week! To say that it was a busy one is quite an understatement I think!

This week started off by the family’s return back home… yes we were on a wonderful family vacation in a sunny destination! But, don’t get me wrong… just because I was on vacation didn’t mean that I was not still on plan and on track. I walked most mornings with my wonderful dog Finn and swam most afternoons with my family. I ate lots of fresh produce too and even made it to my weekly Weight Watcher’s meetings… yes I went to WW while on vacation!!!

So, results: well I managed to not gain weight while on vacation, I learned that I need to drink more water and I got a great sun tan from being outside so much!! Win/Win all around!

Now, while at my weekly WW meeting I also was fortunate enough to come by some new recipes from the local group down there in AZ. I will share with you all the recipes that I got over the next few weeks… starting today with a wonderful recipe for Strawberry Pie (WW style)!

1 small box of cook & serve fat free, sugar free pudding mix 2 cups water
1 small box of sugar free strawberry Jell-O
4 cups sliced fresh strawberries

Mix pudding, water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in Jell-O until dissolved. Set aside to cool. Put sliced strawberries in pie plate. Pour over mixture over berries. Refrigerate and enjoy once pie is set!

Enjoy and Minnie On!!!

Have a super weekend!
Minnie Jackie